What is a Safe Amount of Coffee to Drink?

The average coffee drinker consumes about 3 cups of coffee a day (typical 8 oz. cup). But is that much coffee safe to drink on a daily basis? Well, it depends. If the coffee drinker is a healthy adult, then yes it’s probably safe to drink that much coffee. Healthy Adults The recommended limit of coffee per day is about 20 oz. of coffee (300-400 mg of coffee). To give you a visual, this would be a venti sized coffee at Starbucks, or five shots of espresso, or a few small cups at home. If you exercise right after drinking coffee, even better, you can drink more then. Adults with Health Concerns If you have health concerns, such as heart problems, you should only drink about 200 mg of coffee pe

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Our Coffee

Pinetop Coffee House & RGB Roasting Company is proud to offer some of the best coffee around. But don’t just take it from us, here’s what some of our customers had to say: “Best coffee anywhere! Love the fresh roasted coffee!” –Evie Racette “Really, really, really good coffee. Fresh roasted, fresh ground, the aroma and flavor is excellent.” –Jim Gifford “Fresh roasted coffee! Beth does a great job and has the freshest coffee.” –Tony Myers (You can check out more reviews here) Sounds like there’s a common theme here, right? In most customer reviews they mention how fresh the coffee is and that’s because Beth roasts all of her coffee on site! So here are a few reasons you should try our coffee


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