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The Process of Roasting Coffee Beans

coffee beans

Ever wonder how your coffee gets the wonderful taste we have all come to love? It’s probably not exactly how you imagined it to be. Coffee beans actually come from cherries on coffee trees. The beans we use for coffee are inside these cherries; essentially they are the seeds of the cherries. Farmers pick the cherries off of their coffee trees, take the beans out, process them, and ship them off to roasters all over the world.

When roasters receive their beans, the beans are green. The process of roasting the beans will turn them dark with the flavor that we love. Roasting gives coffee beans their unique aroma and flavor. Coffee beans are roasted around 430-480 degrees Fahrenheit for 14-17 minutes, just depending on what type of roast you’re making and how large that roast is.

Expert roasters, like our founder Beth, know the balance between the science and the art of roasting coffee beans. They know their temperatures and times of roasting, and they can also read their beans. It’s like a sixth sense; they can feel when their beans have roasted to the perfect degree.

Roasters take their green coffee beans, toss them into the roaster, and let the roaster do its job heating the beans. The beans are kept moving so they don’t burn. Eventually the beans begin to pop, signaling the readiness of the roasting. If you want a medium to dark roast, you’ll need to wait for two pops.

To learn about the different roasts Beth has created, please read about our coffee here. Don’t forget to check out our holiday specials! We are offering FREE COFFEE when you order our Pinetop Travel Mug and 10% off all orders when you buy three 12oz bags of coffee. Sign up for our monthly newsletter at the bottom of the home page to get a sneak peek into monthly specials and to keep in touch. You can also follow our social medias, Pinetop Coffee House & RGB Roasting Company Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest links are on the TOP of this website. We love keeping you in the loop and hearing back from you!

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